Attractive Benefits for European Businesses in Switzerland

Of all the European countries, Switzerland stands out for a number of reasons, and as far as a holding company is concerned, Switzerland is a very attractive location. It is generally accepted that Switzerland has the lowest taxation rates in Europe, and with many other benefits, it is indeed a popular location to register a business. Here are just a few of the reasons why companies prefer to have their base in this stable financial environment.

Prestigious Location

There is no more prestigious place to base your company, as Switzerland is always associated with success. There are many Swiss holding companies spread throughout the 25 Cantons (districts) in the country and each has its own unique taxation rates, which is why it makes sense to consult an expert before going ahead with the company registration. Image is everything in business and a Swiss address automatically raises eyebrows, which can only be good for business.

Low Taxation

Generally speaking, Switzerland has the lowest taxation rates in Europe, and the country has always attracted foreign businesses with this attractive benefit. It does depend exactly where your company is registered, but if you consult with an established company that specialises in registering Swiss holding companies, they can advise you on the most beneficial Canton.

Trading Hub

Holding companies often trade commodities and Switzerland is an ideal central location with many commodity trading partners already well established. There is, of course, an excellent infrastructure, with hi-speed trains and excellent roads, and with many international airports, you are never more than a few hours from any European destination.

The Canton System

Unlike most countries, each district in Switzerland has its own set of rules regarding taxation, and this means you will need to discuss your business activities with a third party company, who can then select the best Canton for your business to be based in.

Business Support Facilities

There are many essential services that a holding company might need, such as reception and message taking services, along with all types of office personnel should you require them. Lawyers, accountants and other professions are all available, and with everyone speaking English, there are no language difficulties.

Political Stability

With the UK leaving the EU, companies are looking for the most stable political and financial environment for their business, and you really couldn’t do any better than Switzerland. It is the home to many large multi-national companies because of this, and if you factor in the generous tax concessions, it is easy to see why. It makes sense to host your business in a stable country that has always attracted the business elite. The long term benefits are very attractive, and there are signs that perhaps the tax rates might fall even more, as the country tries to encourage more businesses to register in Switzerland.

A holding company can really benefit from a Swiss registration and by using a third party, you can reap the benefits of their considerable experience, and your company will experience steady growth.

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