Create Wonders in your Business with a Smart and Comfortable Ergonomic Chair

We have people around us who work hard to give their best performance, even if that means working late nights in office. Since they work late night, they come back home tired with shoulder, neck and back pain. This happens because they sit for long hours in office in one position. If your position is incorrect then your spine alignment becomes crooked.

That is why keeping in mind every employee’s health, companies have taken special care of ordering ergonomic office chairs in bulk. These chairs are perfect for body shape and can be adjusted accordingly to give comfort and relaxation to your back. Although these chairs are good for long hours sitting job, doctors suggest not to sit for more than an hour continuously. They always advise to keep moving the body so that bones don’t get stiff.

There are a variety of options available for people when they reach a store to buy ergonomic chairs –

  • Traditional Chairs
  • Kneeling Chairs
  • Saddle Chairs

Traditional Chairs

These chairs are basically computer chairs. They can be adjusted in height and slightly tilted at the back if needed. The backrest is curved to give support to our spine. The seat has a fix size of 20 inches wide, but people who need broader seat can customize it. With good backrest they also have armrest, which gives a lot of comfort.

Kneeling Chairs

This helps in keeping the body in kneeling position. With a seat, there is knee rest. While sitting down, your hips move forward and knees bent. This way, your entire body is straight and in one position. This helps in distributing your entire body weight between your pelvis and your knees. This way, you wouldn’t feel any pain in your back and can work for extended hours.

Saddle Chairs

Saddle chairs are similar to horse saddle. This means no backrest and no armrest. Although you can adjust the height but, you will have to sit straight because there is no support at the back. Sitting on such chairs widens your legs when they drop down on the floor. This helps in proper blood circulation in body as well as straight back. Such chairs are perfect for people, who’ve suffered with consistent back problem.

When you purchase in bulk from any store, ensure that you don’t compromise on quality simply because they are giving you heavy discount. Then your motive of giving comfort to your body will fail. Always select the type of chair that you want and not one your colleague is using.

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