Do You Know the Working of Rig Mud Pump?

Mud pumps are designed for circulating drilling fluid at very high pressure and also provide back up for annulus. These pumps are available at different sizes and generally they are configured for typical drilling of petroleum fluid. There are duplex mud pumps that consists of two pistons or plungers which has now been replaced with triplex pump, however in many developing countries still duplex pumps are used. Nowadays in many advanced countries hex pumps are also used where six pistons/plungers are used.   

Any common mud pump has 2 main sub-assemblies – one end is known as fluid end while the other end is called power end. The pumping process is carried out at fluid end that consists of pistons, valves and liners. Since these parts will have wear and tear therefore in modern system it is so designed that they can be easily replaced.

Usually, from any old drilling project, you can obtain such mud pumps for sale, so that you can get them at much discounted price. Drilling operation in any gas exploration project is a very complicated operation and therefore you need a reliable machine that has been successfully used in such operation.

With the help of this rig mud pump, it is possible to circulate drilling mud or fluid into the bore hole. As the boring operation is continued inside the ground the rig mud pumps need to be lubricated and cleaned time to time to run properly. The drilling mud can also be used for carrying and suspending drill cutting from its drill head, as the operation of going in and out of the hole continues. This will ensure that neither the drill is clogged or over heated and the entire drilling operation can be done in smooth and safe manner.

Drilling rig mud pump that we are taking about are a reciprocating type of pumps and it works by drawing fluid into the cylinder or chamber due to action of the piston, diaphragm or plunger. After that the flow of liquid carries on in one direction as one-way check valves are used. By using number of pumps, the pumping efficiency can be increased and that results into smoother liquid flow to get better performance.

To sum up the whole working of the rig mud pump the main purpose of this pump is to drill out fluid from the bore hole and then the fluid is filtered and all its impurities are removed and then sent back to lubricate the drill head.

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