DWI Defense- Effects of Getting a DUI Charge.

According to a report, most road accidents happen because of drivers being drunk or intoxicated. The influence of substances can take a severe toll on you, especially if you are driving under the influence. It may not only jeopardize your life but also jeopardize the lives of individuals around you.

Getting charged with DUI comes along with a lot of repercussions which you might be knowing. It may cost you loads of penalties, hearings in courts, frequent alcohol/drug tests, mental stress, and more. If at any point you get caught for DUI, your immediate step should be to cooperate with the cops and then consult a Monroe, NC DWI defense lawyer, as they will assist you throughout.

Effects of getting DUI charged.

Getting charged with DUI is a serious crime and the law makes sure that you have to pay for what you did. Here are some things that might happen to you if you get charged with DUI.

  • Getting arrested: If you are charged under suspicion of DUI, you will be arrested by the police. You will be taken to the closest police station, where a report will be composed against you. After which, the cops will check your level of intoxication. This can be done through various methods and if your intoxication level is found above the recommended limit, you may have to get locked up for a certain period and pay a specific amount of fine.

In some states in the US, the offender may be released early if someone from your family or friends comes and pays your fine. However, there are certain states where the offender must serve jail time which may vary from a day or two.

  • Losing your driver’s license: Even if you are convicted for the first time in any state, you will lose your driving privilege for a certain amount of time. Irrespective of the license you have, all your driving activities will be stopped entirely. If you have been convicted of DUI frequently, then there are chances that your driving license can be permanently revoked.
  • Paying Penalties: If you are convicted of DUI, paying penalties comes along with it. These penalties can be decided on the severity of the accident and the damage caused by it. Additionally, if the accident has injured the victim, you may ultimately have to pay for their medical bills and the damages caused.

These are some of the effects that you might have to go through once you have been convicted for DUI. However, each case might be different depending on the possession of the drug/alcohol, and various other factors. 

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