Great Reasons to Hire Professional Shredding Services

Office documents are shredded, so as to protect data privacy but the office shredding machines are not secure and reliable for the process.

Below are some good reasons to hire professional Houston shredding services.

Save valuable time and increase productivity

Every time an employee uses paper shredding machine, it takes their mind away from core activities, which are crucial for business development. Feeding document isn’t quick, it takes times.

In addition, you have to spend time in removing paper clips, staples, binders and sticky notes from the documents. In case of paper jams, it needs to be unclogged. Until the receptacle gets emptied, you are not ready to move on to productive work. It seems like valuable time is spent in shredding paper.

Professional shredding services visit your site on scheduled days and time. Shredding collection containers get placed all across your office. Unnecessary paper documents get dropped and collected in these containers. Shredding professionals arrive on schedule. If you chose on-site shredding service then they bring their industrial grade shredder. They even offer off-site shredding facility.

Safe and reliable shredding process

Office paper shredding machine are not reliable equipment. It hardly stands to heavy and frequent shredding demand in a busy office environment. Several maintenance problems occur during and post shredding like paper jams, dull shredding blades and overheating.

When paper shredder does not function properly then confidential paperwork that needs to be destroyed most probably piles up and is vulnerable of getting stolen. On the other hand, professional shredding services are fully prepared with rigorous processes, heavy duty equipment and specially trained team. This makes document destruction a snappy process.

You can schedule a shredding process or they even offer on-demand basis. After the destruction is completed. You get a COD [certificate of destruction] including the shredding date and time.

No security risks

Shredding of documents is essential, so as to maintain information confidentiality and prevent identity theft. Office shredders are not totally secure way of destroying sensitive data. Several machine shred paper in strips instead of particles. Strips can be put together!

In addition, depending on your employees to determine when and what to shred is very risky. Documents not destroyed or just tossed away in a recycling bin can find its way in the hands of competitors or a thief.

Alternatively, professional shredding companies need to adhere to strict procedures, regulations and unannounced audits, so as to prove their compliance.

You see replacing office shredder with professional shredding service is great!

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