High-Level Entrepreneur Daniel Shin Discusses What It Takes To Become a Leader

In a constantly changing world, it can feel impossible to keep up to date and ahead of the pack — particularly as a business leader and entrepreneur.

Daniel Shin is the founder and co-CEO of PortOne Global, a dynamic payment processing company based out of Asia. With pre-existing success at TicketMonster in his back pocket, Shin has enjoyed explosive popularity and growth as an innovator and thought leader.

Now revered for his ability to connect with clients as well as his unique collaborative communication style, Daniel Shin has been quick to share his insights with those looking to learn from them.

Develop the Right Balance in Life

Daniel Shin believes that work and life should co-exist peacefully as one will benefit the other. Leaders who can find the appropriate work-life balance will find that they are better able to operate within the office.

Daniel Shin pointed to a few benefits that come from quality work and life balance among leaders and their team members.

  • Improved Health Outcomes – Leaders who prioritize a better life/work balance will find that they are better able to navigate healthier lifestyle habits, better sleep, and more frequent exercise.
  • More Productivity – Workers that can step away from the office for rejuvenation will often return as more productive and creative teammates.
  • Improved Relationships – Finally, a proper work-life balance can go a long way toward improving and creating more satisfying personal relationships. This gives employees a chance to connect with colleagues and family members more frequently.

Putting a cap on the conversation regarding work-life balance, Shin added, “Life is not all about getting to the finish line. It is also about how you ran the race and the impact you had on others along the way.”

Developing Better Leadership Skills

Highly effective leaders are able to navigate their own trials and tribulations while putting teams in place to navigate their own. Effective leaders have a wealth of skills that can benefit the room around them. Daniel Shin suggests that motivational leaders can utilize a variety of methods and techniques to engage with their teams.

Here are a few skills that Daniel Shin suggests can help as leaders look to develop into their roles.

  • Focus on Communication – Being able to navigate difficult conversations while solving complex problems requires the ability to communicate. Daniel Shin advocates for two-way constructive communication so that all parties involved are focusing on elevating the work in front of them.
  • Look at the Big Picture – Daniel Shin likes to look at both the macro and the micro scale to understand where he wants to go with his company. When leaders can get a big-picture view while maintaining the little details, they can lead their teams to success.

Leaders like Daniel Shin are always looking to improve and enhance the way that they operate. Shin suggests that a continued focus on innovation and leadership can yield major results, particularly when navigating at the head of a communicative team.

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