How ACH Payments Can Transform your Business Operations

As many companies expand into the global markets, payment processing across various currencies becomes a daunting task. Online processing solutions enable high risk businesses, schools, hospitals, governments, and eCommerce businesses to improve sales, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Payment Savvy provides a fully integrated payment solution to clients from various industries. You can convert checks electronically and access ACH payments with no hassles. This saves time as you won’t have to wait for checks to show up in your email box and expedite the payment process.

ACH Payments Processing

Accepting checks has been considered a safe and easy mode of accepting payments for most business people until they begin to receive bouncing checks or lose checks in their mailbox. You can stop worrying about those checks and poor processing. Since your business is more than simply receiving payments from clients, but about fostering lasting relationships with your clients, electronic check processing provides a viable option for processing checks. Visit to learn more about the available electronic payment processing options. Let the experts handle the challenges with payment processing as you concentrate on what matters most to your business.

Payment Savvy uses the latest technology in their ACH technologies and payment processes to ensure convenience and security.

E-check Payment Processing

Many businesses only turn to eCheck processing and ACH processing after realizing that there are hiccups in their current payment processing procedures. It could be customers delaying to make payments, or your teams taking too long to get payments processed. Payment Savvy will help you eliminate issues like poor communication, complicated systems, rude customer service, and much more.

Benefits of ACH Payments

Here are the immediate benefits you’ll reap from ACH Payment processing:

Lower costs

If you accept debit card and credit card payments in your business, you are probably familiar with the processing fees that accompany such payment methods. However, with ACH payments, you’ll significantly reduce those costs.


Paper checks are the payment modes that are most subjected to fraud as indicated by AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey carried out in 2014. Checks delivered through mails are prevalent to various forms of compromise and defrauding. ACH payments provide much more secure payment methods that paper checks since they can’t be lost in the mail and the processing cuts out any intermediaries and eliminate fraud and tampering.


ACH payments provide a convenient payment method for both you and your clients. Customers don’t need to carry their checkbooks or mail their checks. Additionally, you can choose to make a one-off payment or set up a recurring billing to avoid numerous trips to the bank or make records, or paper checks.

Time savings

ACH payments saves you time since you don’t need to make several trips to the bank and your employees can spend time on more productive tasks. Additionally, electronic ACH payments can cut down the usual human errors associated with manual processing of checks.

Recurring billing

If your business operates a subscription based payment model, ACH payments will provide a perfect solution for you and your customers. Regular billing of clients can pose a great challenge to businesses if not properly managed. With ACH payments, customers don’t have to remember paying their bills-you’ll receive timely payments and you won’t have to harass your customers to submit payments.


ACH payments provide both merchants and their customers with time saving and secure payment options by taking advantage of the convenience of electronic payment processing. Consider talking to Payment Savvy for tailored solutions for your business.


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