How Does Your Site’s Load Time Affect Its Rankings

Google has been making constant changes in how websites appear in SERPs for years now. Recently, it announced that the load time of any website plays a crucial role when it comes to organic rankings. It simply means that if your website loads fast on both desktop and smartphone devices, then it’s likely to rank higher than those which load slowly. So, get in touch with a Singapore website designer and ask him to look into your website’s design and see if it can further be improved.

Factors like Java Scripts, CSS queries, codes, etc. increase load time. Most free themes used on websites are filled with such unnecessary elements that leave a negative impact on a website’s load time. A professional designer can get rid of these elements by making required corrections wherever needed and ensure that your site loads within one second.

Most leading e-commerce and general websites keep a close eye on their load time for the same reason. So, don’t ignore it ever. Hire a professional designer as soon as possible and reduce your site’s load time without any further delay.

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