How to Make Your Sanitary Pumps Last Longer?

Buying a good sanitary pump is costly. Installations fees can add up to the cost as well. On the average, most sanitary pumps last for about 10 years. It may break down earlier or later depending on how you use and maintain it. Save yourself from unnecessary expenditures and hassles. We enlisted tips from trusted companies like Flowtrend to keep sanitary pumps in top shape. Get the best value for the money that you have shelled out. The costs for repairs or replacement are very steep.

Pick the appropriate sanitary pump

Know the need in your area. Purchase a sanitary pump that addresses that need. Buying one that is not intended for that specific need is like flushing your money down the drain. It won’t give the best performance. It may break down easily.

Proper installation

Install the sanitary pump appropriately in the area. Seek the help of an expert. The expert can give you the best advice on the proper use, maintenance and basic troubleshooting. A properly installed sanitary pump may last longer and perform better. That’s double cost-saving benefit for you.

Good design

The expert knows the best design to bring out the potential of your sanitary pump and your revenue. Good design contributes to the lifespan of the machine.

Good piping

Good piping reduces troubles such as the pump may stop its action due to cavitations. Pipes should be straight for a smoother flow. Piping slopes may need to be installed. It helps in drainage during maintenance services.

Good support

These pipes may get heavy when filled. Prevent loose contact in the pipes. Provide an even support all throughout.

Good strainers

Strainers help in making your sanitary pump last longer. The right mesh size should be selected to prevent flow disruption. This helps on the consistency of your product as well.

A good set of valves

Secure isolation, check and relief valves. Isolation valves allow removal without releasing the contents of the tank. Check valves direct flow to a certain direction and prevent backflow. Relief valves release the pressure in the system.

Take note of all of these to do measures that will make your sanitary pump last longer.

How you handle your sanitary pump affects its lifespan. It takes some effort on your side, but it’s worth it. You may not want your sanitary pump breaking down on its fifth year when it is intended to last 10 years or more.

Make sanitary pumps last. Enjoy the returns of your efforts.

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