How to Use Branding Strategies with Videos and Strengthen Your Brand

If your brand isn’t branding using videos yet, you’re falling behind! And all we wants is for our readers to be in line with all trends, know Tips to Improve Your Promotional Campaigns and possible improvements to increase their results. But what exactly is branding? And how can it help your company?

Branding consists of a series of strategic marketing actions that aim to strengthen brands’ identity based on the customer experience and a. The institutional video is part of this brand management strategy, and we will explain why below.

One of the biggest challenges some companies face is to stand out in the market and be the most remembered and desired by consumers. Videos on website` are a great way to make this connection with the target audience in a much more efficient way to create emotions in the viewer and generate the desire to remember, which helps generate affective memories.

When we watch a video that tells a story, we put ourselves in the characters’ shoes and feel the emotions caused. These feelings are responsible for awakening mental triggers that influence the purchase decision. In addition, videos help create brand authority, accelerate communication and improve the perception of the branding proposal.

SAAS: What To Do When Signing-In Rate Is Low

SAAS systems are becoming increasingly popular as they are an easy, fast and practical way to obtain a huge variety of virtual services, which are increasingly needed.

If your potential customer tests the SAAS tool your company offers and likes, they’ll decide to pay to use it.

But what to do if the rate of people signing up for the trial, even free, is low? The conversion rate, as it is called, depends on a few factors, such as:

The ease with which the user can understand that this tool will help him.

The quality of your website, especially the look (no one wants to sign up for a website that doesn’t convey confidence or that gives the impression that their tool has been abandoned for years)

The ease of accessing the service; (Very bureaucratic login and registration processes, with extensive forms and many screens, can destroy your conversion rate)

How the user was attracted to your site (hint: Users who landed on your site after watching an explainer video are much more likely to become customers)

The types of users the site attracts; (If you can’t attract the right people, your website won’t be very effective. A well-made video can attract the right people)

The types of users who sign up for the free trial. (Make sure people didn’t quite understand the benefits of using the tool and started the free trial out of curiosity.

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