Is Coworking for You?

Advances in technology and communication have changed the way we do business, and company structures have become more flexible and less traditional. More and more people now have the freedom to work flexible hours outside of the office, and telecommuting has become a common work arrangement for many groups. With these changes come the rise of coworking spaces. How do you know if coworking is for you? Read for a few points to consider:

The Right Ambiance

Telecommuting gives you a lot of freedom—for some people, too much. If you are not a very disciplined or focused person, you might find yourself easily distracted or led off track when left to your own devices. One of the biggest advantages of working in a virtual office like Common Desk is that it provides just the right environment and ambiance that is conducive to work and productivity.

Coworking spaces are specifically designed to make you feel more focused and motivated to work. They lack the noise and distractions commonly found at coffee shops or at home, where it can be impossible to get any quality work done with all the diversions around you. Coworking spaces still offer you some flexibility and mobility. For example, Common Desk has office rental space in Dallas, TX, as well as Plano and Fort Worth, and getting a membership at any one of these locations will grant you access to the others as well.

State of the Art Amenities

Coworking spaces usually come fully equipped with all the amenities you’ll need to be productive and comfortable as you work. They offer the latest computers, monitors, printers, scanners and shredders, as well as state of the art video and audio conferencing equipment for important meetings and presentations.

Most of them also offer free coffee and/or snacks to refresh you and restore your energy during breaks and in between tasks.

A Unique Community

One of the best things about coworking spaces are the unique communities that form in them. Working at a coworking space gives you the chance to meet and interact with other like minded, driven individuals from different businesses and lines of work. This sets the stage for some very interesting conversations, or unique opportunities to connect and collaborate. Interacting with driven, motivated individuals who are passionate and enthusiastic about their work can stimulate your own productivity and creativity, and help you produce your most meaningful work.

The professional relationships you form while working at a coworking space may prove to be a valuable resource, especially if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner. Even if you don’t need the connections for work, interacting with other people in a coworking space helps you avoid the feeling of isolation that often accompanies remote work. It can also help you avoid feeling stagnant or burnt out.

If any of these reasons why coworking is a good option appeals to you, or if you can relate to anything written here on a personal level, then you might want to seriously consider trying it out for a while to see if it suits you. You can easily get day passes at a coworking space near you so you can try it out first before committing to a longer-term membership.

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