Know These Things About Your Torque Wrench

In various industries processes and garages people use torque wrenches whenever they need to assemble any threaded fasteners. However, there are many things about this wrench that people may not be aware of.

Following are few things about torque tools have been highlighted for the benefit of readers.

  • How to store torque wrench

During the usage of torque wrench, it is not necessary to wind it back however when it is to be stored back for long time then it should be wind down to minimum setting of the scale. Otherwise it may get weakened, over a period.

  • One click is sufficient for accurate result

Often users may click it number of times and they are not aware that due to this additional torque gets applied. To operate it smoothly, single click is enough.

  • Check before using the wrench in counter clockwise thread

Usually, the wrench is meant for clockwise direction only however you must see its specification before using it for anticlockwise thread.

  • Converting the torque units

Use proper calculator to convert the torque reading into different units when precision is important.

  • Adjusting the torque wrench

Always adjust to proper setting for the torque as specified by the equipment manufacturer.

  • For accurate results use marked loading points

Many people often do not use the marked loading point which has been put on the handle. Since most of the wrenches are dependent on length and it is important to note the marked point. This marked point should also be observed while calibrating the wrench.

  • Undoing by using torque wrench

If you are using your torque wrenches by following all the necessary instructions and avoid using maximum loading point then it can also be used for undoing. However, in case you cannot make the bolt free by going to its maximum range then you may need another tool. Thus, by exceeding the maximum torque limit of wrench, you are affecting its accuracy that can cause problem in the future.

  • Extension addition in the handle of torque wrench

You should not use any additional pipe or any other kind of extension to its handle while using it as it can damage the tool and it becomes inaccurate in future.

  • Locking in

It is always better to lock it in after the setting during its use so that you can always apply the same amount of torque.

Knowing these things will enable you to use this tool properly.

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