Organizing a corporate event? Get the right caterer with these ideas!

Corporate events, regardless of the scale, require professional arrangements. You have to be careful about certain things, especially the food and catering. Not every caterer specializes in corporate events, so selecting one requires some initial homework.

Here’s how you can find the best corporate catering service.

  • Be specific. What kind of event are you arranging? Who are your guests? These two questions largely determine the kind of catering you require. For example, if this is an in-house training session, you wouldn’t want to go overboard with the arrangements.                                     
  • Find at least three names. If you have recommendations for caterers, nothing like it. Alternatively, you can just look up online. Find caterers based on reviews and the kind of events they have managed so far.
  • Understand the menu options. Depending on whether it’s a lunch, dinner or an evening event, caterers usually have fixed menus that you can choose from. However, if you have specific food items on request, you can get things customized.
  • Consider your guest preferences. If you have important guests who would prefer vegan items, you may want to reconsider the menu. Ideally, keep a mix between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, because many people are avoiding meats these days.

  • Plan in advance. Don’t wait to find your caterer a week ahead of the event, especially if the date is on a weekend. Caterers will accept advance bookings, and that’s also the best approach to ensure that your requirements are met.
  • Sampling/tasting is necessary. If you are serving more than 100 guests at the event, consider a sampling session with the selected caterer. Some will charge a fee, others may offer it for free – but, it is important.
  • Is your caterer licensed to serve alcohol? Check that, and but before you consider other things, take the call on whether you need alcohol in the first place. Talk to your caterer how they can arrange the bar services.
  • What else do you need? Do you want to specific mocktails and beverages? Are you looking to arrange for dessert stations? Do you need sides and passed appetizers? These are just some of things that must be reviewed in advance.

  • Lastly, consider the budget. You may want a lot of things, but apart from catering, other things need attention too. Divide your budget and make sure you are not missing out on something related to the arrangements.

Start planning now!

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