Shredding Business Docs: Why Outsource the Job?

You probably have a shredding machine in your office to hopefully cover your document destruction needs. You are confident you have some people who can run all of the sensitive files with contain client and employee information through the machine and discard the strips of paper in the bins. Although it may take your people some time to complete the task, you don’t have to spend money on hiring shredding pros. However, don’t you think somebody could still put the shredded paper together and use the information he can get from it? If you have been doing this practice, it is might be time to trust the pros. Here are the reasons for outsourcing document shredding:

Avoid Human Errors

Even simple human error can cost you thousands of dollars and even the entire business. This is the reasons you need to hire a reputable document shredding company that offers mobile shredding services. This ensures the establishment of proper document management processes instead of a risky in-house approach.


Ensure Data are Completely Unreadable

Criminals are smart and have their own ways to steal every bit of information they can use. They can put the pieces of paper together to solve the puzzle of even use programs to make the process faster. You don’t want the information of your clients and employees to fall into the wrong hands. Your corporate secrets could be stolen and sold to your competitors. In fact, data thieves may even imitate your company and steal your profits.

Ensure Compliance

In terms of document destruction, there are laws you need to follow. Non-compliance can leave you paying hefty fines and even facing legal consequences. Reputable paper shredding companies are always up-to-date on compliance requirements and privacy laws. You can also get a certificate of destruction from them to show your compliance.

Avoid Inside Jobs

Your employees can be the most direct people to steal information contained in the documents you want to shred. Middle or senior management employees can be the perpetrators. But in most cases, the junior employees, who perform the shredding job, commit the fraud.

Ensure Total Destruction of Electronic Documents

Your company’s computers and hard drives are vulnerable to data theft. Deleting and throwing your devices doesn’t guarantee that your data are safe. You have to depend on experts in electronic recycling when it comes to destroying your devices to make it impossible to retrieve data.

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