Start Protecting Your Business With These Three Tips

Online security and Internet privacy are hot topics these days with cyber attacks and hacking events constantly being at the forefront of every computer user’s mind. There are many ways for a hacker to get in to your system so it makes sense to get an extensive security regime in place to minimise any chance of a cyber attacker getting through to your personal information.

The steps you can take to start protecting your business from cyber attacks is much easier than you may think and it doesn’t have to cost the Earth to do it either. Many misconceptions lead computer users to think that security is expensive, which is a reason they avoid installing software and other solutions, but actually there are many free services to be found for security.

Keep reading to find our top three tips on how you can start making those vital changes to start protecting your business and your clients from computer related incidents.

If you don’t need it, don’t keep it

There are many laws put in place when it comes to data protection, one main stipulation being that data should only be kept for the reason it was collected, and for no longer than necessary. As well as adhering to the laws anyway, the practise of removing data no longer needed should automatically be built in to your business routine. The main reason behind the action being that if the data is not there, it can’t possibly be stolen by a hacker.

For any data you do need to keep, it should all be backed up in a separate location and guarded by ecryptions and strong passwords.

Train your team

Just having security measures in place within your business is not enough. Without adequate training your recruited staff will not have the knowledge or know how to combat any potential cyber threats. It can take just one click of a dodgy link on an email to grant a hacker access to all of your business’ files, so by taking the time to train your staff you will help them to defend the business.

Go Private

If a Japanese employee was to ask you vpn とは(what is vpn) this should trigger a warning that they need more training. To truly protect your private data within your business, a vpn should be used to add extra security. A virtual private network will allow you and your staff to work online on a network which is fully encrypted. This means that only those individuals with special keys or granted access will be able to log on to the private network. This means that any searches, conversations or transactions will be kept completely private and out of reach from potential cyber attacks.

There is never a 100 per cent guarantee on any network for security but a vpn will help to give you business the best chances of keeping all data out of the wrong hands.

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