Things You Must Know About Conformal Coating

Conformal coating is a ‘dielectric’ layer of substance that’s typically used as protection for printed circuits and electronics assembly. This form of protective coating is extremely important for equipment that’s used in rough and tough external environments. Here are some of some factors worth knowing about conformal coating services.

About conformal coating

With conformal coating, electronic assembly and circuit boards are protected against many exterior factors, such as dust, moisture, and rain. It also works as a protective layer against fungus and corrosion. The coating is also important for reducing issues related to installation, and it prevents harm to the concerned product owing to tough and bumpy handling. Conformal coating also helps in minimizing thermal stress.

Applications at a glance

Conformal coating is mainly used for products that are used in extreme environments. The use of parylene conformal coating extends in many sectors, not limited to electronics, medical devices, military, aerospace & aviation and automotive. It helps considerably in prolonging the life of the equipment, and it also facilitates compact PCB design. It also aids in enhancing protection of the circuit and all the vital components against abrasion. In more effective terms, conformal coating is a simple measure to protect the electronic devices that need protection against extreme weather and factors that hamper the performance of the product.

Factors to note

While the process is simple, the quality of the concerned coating substance is extremely important. In case of space device failure, the consequences can be huge. For most equipment and related products in the electronic industry, the thickness of conformal coat is of utmost relevance. Thin coating is not enough to offer proper coverage, while extremely thick coating may put pressure on the joints. It’s important to choose a service that specializes in understanding coating thickness that matters for the product.

Benefits and characteristics

Conformal coating is known to have insulating properties, which can help in reducing spacing in PCB conductor up to 80%. Since it works as a protective layer, one doesn’t need to invest additionally in sophisticated enclosures. Conformal coating is light weight and can prevent chemical attacks, including formation of rust. As mentioned earlier, the coating can help in minimizing environmental stress. If you are looking for services, you need to ask them about their conformal coating materials and practices. The application should be easy, and removal and replacement should be simple too. The substance should also offer protection against thermal and mechanical shock.

Talk to a known service today to get a quote. You have to ask as many relevant questions as required, and if you have any queries related to their expertise, you should discuss the same in detail. You can also discuss their capabilities, and for further understanding of their work and experience, you can seek client references, as well. Conformal coating is an important requirement in many industries related to use of circuit boards and electronics, and it only makes sense to do some research before hiring a company for the job.


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