Understanding the Common Type of Flanges

A flange would be best described as a ring or collar provided with bolts and holes. It would be screwed or welded on the end of tube or pipe. It would enable other objects to be attached on to it. It would not be wrong to suggest that flanges are often used in pipelines, construction zones and plumbing. These are highly useful, as they could be adapted to the need and requirements of a specific project. In case, a pipeline requires a changed course, the flange could be changed or removed for accommodating the new pipeline channel. These have been relatively valuable. These would serve as reinforcements for pipes. It would increase their strength.

Different kinds of flanges

There have been several kinds of Flange Spreader made available online. However, find below some of the common kinds.

Anchor flanges

Anchor Flanges have been used to anchor the pipe. It would be used often when crossing streams or ravines. Anchor flanges would be double hub piece of steel. It would be put into a special holder that would be part of the piling for supporting the pipeline. It should be in order to resist the load. The anchor structure has been welded to the pipe and embedded in concrete. The anchor flanges would actually comprise axial thermal expansion. It would be the axial thrust in the pipelines. The thrust would be transferred to the anchor foundation where the anchor has been mounted. These flanges have been used at points and crossings with specific changes made to the direction of the pipeline.

Split flanges

The split flange would be easily installed on pre-existing piping. It has been made up of two interlocking pieces. These pieces would fit securely together with the use of nuts and bolts. The pieces could also be welding into place. Due to it being made in two parts, split flanges have been used for reinforcing weakened areas of piping. It would also be used for adding an attachment in places where conventional flanges cannot proceed.

Expander flanges

The Expander flange would be best described as a type of welding neck pipe flange. It would be used for increasing pipe size at the flange connection. The expander flanges have been known as a cost-effective option for using a separate combination of reducer-welding neck flange. Some benefits of the expander flange have been that its compact size would save space as and when compared to reducer-welding neck flange.


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