Various Things To Consider Before Installing Power Transformer

When the transformers are brought to the site, lots of preparation is needed so that it can be ensured that transformer will be properly installed and also the operation will be successful.

Whether you prefer to install a transformateur a sec [dry transformer] or oil cooled transformer following are few preparations that will be needed.

  • Standard or special transformer tests

There are number of tests performed on the transformer before they are to be installed which are standard set of testing. Also, there are few special tests also need to be performed as specified by the manufacturer.

  • Site considerations

Necessary site preparation has to be done so that the transformer can be safely installed and all the safety codes that are recommended must be ensured. Transformer should not block any traffic movement if it is installed in outside location.

  • Preliminary inspection of transformer

Transformer need to be properly inspected to check if there is any damage caused due to transportation. In case any damage is noticed then you need to make insurance claim.

  • Plan for prevention of contaminants

Make proper procedure for how to use various tools, hardware, or any other objects that are used during inspection, testing and assembling of various units of transformer. Make sure that no contaminants are produced during installation.

  • Making connections which work

There are number of connections of terminals are to be made as per the instructions provided in the manual and the terminals are to be properly tightened and greased so that there may not be any loose connection due to which there may be sparking.

  • Controlling sound level

Need to be ensured that it does not create enough noise during operation.

  • Ensure transformer is properly grounded

Transformers are need to be placed on the ground properly, so that no static charges get developed or else these can accidentally come in contact with the core.

  • Final inspection/testing

After the installation proper inspection and testing is needed to check the performance to ensure the proper working of the transformer.

  • Applying the load

After ensuring all the performance parameter at no load condition, now you need to connect with the load and check various parameters of the transformer as per the specification.

  • Adjustment for right tap setting

On the basis of your requirement and the nature of the load to be applied, proper adjustments are to be done for its tapping where you can get the right amount of voltage supply as needed for certain loads.

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