Video Feedback for Long-Term Business Planning

Running a business is hard work. If you run a store within the retail sector you’ll be keen to understand as much about your current customers and potential customers as possible. There are various ways in which you can glean this information, with one of the most popular options that of mystery shopping. When it comes to mystery shopping you can employ a professional mystery shopping agency to send in customer to your store and provide honest, and detailed, feedback as to how your employees are performing. This can be focused on specific details and aspects of your store(s), or as a general overview to evaluate where you are at in terms of customer satisfaction levels.

Mystery shopping itself can fall into a few different categories, but one that can provide you with the best analysis and honest appraisal of how your retail store is performing is to utilise video mystery shopping. Video playback of your retail store operation and the conduct of your staff helps to ensure that long-term business planning has real, tangible evidence to fall back on. You can actually see with your own eyes how your store operates when you are not there, and what the first impressions of customers and potential customers is.

With the help of a mystery shopping service you can ensure that you are provided with as much information and detail as you could possibly need. With the addition of video mystery shopping you can actually see what the data and information represents. There are certain quirks and visual observations that would just be missed through a general mystery shopping feedback form. For instance, if there is a certain process that is taking too long, or a certain promotion obscured that should be in prime view of customers as they enter the store, video playback can demonstrate this as accurately as possible for management to view immediately.

With visual clues such as this it helps management of retail stores to understand any problems that are being faced on a daily basis by customers and staff members. Video feedback helps to put together an immediate plan of action, with tasks put forward to remedy problems and provide a resolution to any problems that are being faced.

It is so much easier to process information that is visual. It is a proven fact that a human brain will process data and information much more quickly when looking at a video of an event, than when compared to reading a written account of an event. With video mystery shopping you can make a real connection with the feedback. It also ensures that you can see quick clips that provide highlights of the day, rather than reading countless notes and pages of mystery shopping feedback from a single project.

Mystery shopping is a fantastic tool that provides you with a clear foundation of information and data to be used when formulating a plan of action to improve your business. Video feedback for mystery shopping provides clear evidence that can be analysed with a view to long-term business planning.

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