What You Need to Know About Cardboard Boxes

We need to know about the background of something in order to fully understand it. This is the same principle in the need to teach science and history classes in school. If you want to know more about box manufacturing, continue reading.

Materials used in the production

Trunks from the harvested pine trees are used as raw materials in the manufacturing of cardboard boxes. The demand for these raw materials is growing by the day. There is a rapid growth of the business sector with the onset of e-commerce. This shouldn’t be a cause of alarm to environmentalist out there as manufacturers keep acres of these trees. When cutting down, a tree is replaced by a seedling. Cardboards can also be recycled. Recycling resolves the need to cut more trees.

Box manufacturing process

The process in manufacturing boxes is known as Kraft Process. This gave Kraft Paper, the finished product, its name. This process was created by chemist Carl F. Dahl. Commercial box manufacturing started in the early 1900s. This move utilized machines to mass produce. At the same time, machines make the work faster and easier.

Here’s a detailed guide on how the manufacturing is done:

  1. The trunk broke down into chips. Sulfate is introduced to it. The material turns into pulp. The pulp is subjected to more refining process.
  2. The resulting fibrous material is sent to a machine which makes it into the dry                                                               
  3. Some big rolls of dry paper go to corrugators where it is crimped. Some big rolls are set aside to be used as liner sheets.
  4. Both sheets of the liner and corrugated paper are used to make different types of cardboard boxes. To know more about it, search on kinds of boards in corrugated boxes.
  5. The different combination of sheets is glued to each other.
  6. For cardboard boxes used for food products, waxes are applied to make it water-proof.
  7. For custom made boxes, it is tinted with the desired It is later printed with the specific information about the requesting company.
  8. It is patterned to specific size and shape and cut accordingly.

The manufacturing process has evolved over time. It has become affordable yet high quality. There is absolutely no excuse for you to be using poor quality boxes for your products. Don’t be left behind.

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