Why Does Your Transformer Make Buzzing or Humming Sounds?

Magnetostriction is the word you are looking for, which means the property of the ferromagnetic materials that lead to changing the shape or dimensions while the process of magnetization is ongoing. It is the change in the magnetization of the material because of the applied magnetic field that alters the magnetostrictive stain when reaching its saturation value, that is, λ. This effect was first observed by James Joule in 1842. He was an English physicist and brewer (perhaps the very reason why all the electrical engineers love drinking beer). He studied the nature of heat and found its association with mechanical work.

The buzzing and humming sounds explained

When the nature of heat and mechanical work was found interlinked to one another, it led to the discovery of the law of conservation of energy as well as the development of the first law of thermodynamics. This effect leads to the loss because of frictional heating in the susceptible ferromagnetic cores. This effect is also liable for the low pitched buzzing sound that is audible near the transformers on the alternating current carrying transmission towers.

Many of the transformers available in the market are made by typical transformer organizations which are referred to as loose laminations. In other words, at least of one of the laminations have space to vibrate with the time altering magnetic field. At, the experts use an original and patented and the conventional baking process which has been in process for eons and generations entailing preheating the transformer units and making the use of pressure to physically eject a special varnish inside the transformer filling voids. This is why transformers are always good in quality as well as performance.

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