Workplace Health and Safety Risk Profile

This Listing should be utilized for a guide to evaluate your working environment health and safety risks. It is supposed to help you identify your ‘risk profile’ and ‘potential exposures’ with identification to consider appropriate action to minimise these risks and exposures.

Please answer the next question honestly by drawing a circle around or shading within the column. If you’re able to perfect solution area of the question yes, then you need to select ‘No’.

Workplace health and safety factors are every persons responsibility at work. You will find severe penalties for breaches of health and safety.

1.I’ve got a written workplace health and safety policy statement Yes No

2.I’ve fully documented workplace health and safety procedures for those employees Yes No

3.I’ve policies for chemical, electrical, manual and ergonomic use and safe handling Yes No

4.I induct all employees in to the workplace utilizing a documented process Yes No

5.My staff are been trained in safe work processes and operations Yes No

6.My procedures and policies are for sale to all employees and therefore are regularly known, used and updated Yes No

7.I’ve identified risks and hazards in the workplace and also have appropriate controls in position Yes No

8.All workplace health and safety accidents and incidences are reported and reviewed Yes No

9.We’ve low accident and injuries rate when compared with our industry average Yes No

10.Provided my employees with regular constructive feedback and give them a break where suitable for safe working Yes No

11.I conduct regular workplace health and safety updates and audits Yes No


11 from 11 well done

10 from 11 well done, almost there

9 from 11 very good and connect loose ends

8 from 11 good and also you must firm up these loose ends

7 from 11 you have a superior risk profile, do something

6 or fewer remedial action urgently needed to ‘protect’ your company

For those who have identified a number of your risks and hazards do something today and obtain professional, timely assistance and training. Your company might be vulnerable to claims by employees.

How much time you spend on understanding the premises is not important, how much time you spend in applying everything that you know is important. For you to be more attentive and reactive you could complete the bizSAFE training.

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