Ask These Questions Before Choosing A Removal Service

Domestic removal services are quite handy, especially when you need dedicated assistance with relocation. Every company has big claims, and therefore, choosing one can be quite hard in many ways. In this post, we have questions that you must ask before taking the final call.

Are you licensed? Will you offer client references?

A good company should be licensed and must have the necessary permissions to do the job. You will be surprised to find services that don’t even have a real office. Also, renowned services should offer local client references on request, more when they have great things to say about their work.

Are you insured?

Relocation and moving is a complicated job, and mishaps are quite possible. In case of any damage to your goods and property, the concerned removal service should be liable to a certain extent, which is only possible when they are insured. You need to check the extent of their liability, and based on that, you might consider additional cover from your insurer, as required. Also, their workers and staff should be covered under workers’ compensation insurance, so that the medical bills don’t become your liability, in case of an accident.

How do you offer an estimate?

Back in the past, companies had flat rates for their services, but not anymore. Today, it is all about personalized approach. Talk to the concerned service about their process of determining the estimate. In most cases, professional services like agjacobandson will send their experts, who will check everything and give a quick review of the work for the quote. This should be the standardized approach. Keep in mind that the quote is offered for free, no matter whether you choose a company or not.

What are the payment options and terms of service?

Never ever pay a removal service in advance. Of course, the company may demand a percentage of the quote, but that should be lower than 20% at all times. Also, the terms and conditions of the service agreement are also important, because the scope of the job is determined by these aspects. Make sure that there is no room for any additional charge, and if there are any expenses or costs related to delays, the same must be mentioned in the contract.

Lastly, do ask them about their staff. It is best to avoid services that have day laborers for such tasks instead of full-time staff members.

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