Fine Metals Production: The Technologies behind the Making

These days, fine chemicals become the front runners of the chemical industry in many parts of the globe. But, producing these chemicals may not be easy because the process involves various steps. And the quantity of the resulting product tends to be limited. To produce fine chemicals, a number of various technologies are used.

Fine chemicals are pure chemical substances that multi-purpose plants produce. Producing them involves a huge cost. They are on the market on specifications and come with precise specifications. Below are the technologies commonly used to produce fine chemicals.


This technology is prominent in terms of fine chemical production. It produces the chemicals through various phases of biotechnology including biocatalysis, biosynthesis and cell culture technology. During biocatalysis, the natural catalysts transform the chemical on organic compounds. During biosynthesis, the substrates are turned into more complex products.

Chemical Synthesis

This process can occur either from natural product extracts or petrochemical starting chemicals. Natural product extras include a range of various products often found in plants. Petrochemicals are derived from fossil fuels like coal or from petroleum.

Protein Hydrolysis

This occurs during fine chemical production. In this process, proteins are divided into their constituent amino acids. The process is quite simple that involves the application of heat to the protein with the catalyst in it for a long time. The amino acids are isolated by the reaction and used to produce fine metals.

Product Extraction

When producing fine chemicals, various products from plants or animals are extracted. During the process, purification and isolation occurs, often to extra steroids, antibacterials and alkaloids. Natural products obtained from organisms offer a lot of fine chemicals that can be used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Materials like polysaccharides, hormones and proteins are contained in plant and animal by-products.

Even if these technologies are significant, there is more to just mastering them to get a competitive edge. Fine chemical production can be done in multi-purpose plants. But, the market offers reaction-specific equipment so it is not difficult to use these technologies. In fact, users can actually save some time overall. Also, installing such equipment is a no-brainer.

In the precious metal industries, Faggi specializes in production of fine chemicals and has in place high-technology equipment that is used by experienced people.  The company offers its technology and knowledge to offer a service to recover and refine precious metals from industrial waste.

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