Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business Shredding

Outsourcing has become a popular part of many different industries and working practices in the modern world. Often, it can be looked down on as a way of hiring cheap labour to perform tasks that your workforce just haven’t got the drive and passion to fulfil in an effective and productive way, but when it is chosen for certain tasks you can be sure that you are hiring only the very best. One of these tasks is confidential off-site document shredding, which allows you to dispose of important business documents that are no longer needed, in a way that follows data privacy laws and protects you from potential legal trouble and identity theft in future.

There are a number of reasons why outsourcing your document shredding requirements to a dedicated team of professionals is a better option that leaving the disposal of important and potentially sensitive information to your own staff, who will more than likely have other more pressing matters as part of their daily job tasks.

Be Presented with a Certificate of Destruction – If you are looking to work with a document shredding service, look for those companies that can prove that your documents were actually destroyed in a safe and secure manner. A certificate of destruction assures the company that their sensitive information has actually been destroyed, at a secure off-site location. This is a huge benefit to companies as in the event of a legal dispute further down the line they can prove that as far as they are aware the documents were disposed of correctly.

A Green Approach to Paper Waste – For many on-site shredding services, documents are disposed of in bags after being shredded in-house. In the majority of cases these bagged and shredded documents are just transferred to a landfill site. Off-site shredding services are conducted with the integrity of being immediately taken for recycling after being shredded in a secure and private location, making it a green option for your business.

Maintain Privacy – Documents that are collected to be shredded off-site are collected in a locked receptacle. That way the people performing the shredding only actually see the documents in question as they are poured into the shredder. When compared to in-house shredding this is a much safer way to dispose of documents that may contain sensitive information about clients or staff members, as there are fewer outside eyes on them prior to shredding.

Save the Business Money – The cost savings when comparing hiring the services of a professional shredding service and purchasing a shredder for your office is quite substantial. Not only do you have the outlay of the machine itself, but also the time and money to train staff in how to properly use it.

As you can see there are a number of benefits to outsourcing your business shredding to a professional shredding service that understands privacy, green practice and cost effectiveness.

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