Some Of The Most Common Yet Important Things You Need To Know About TV Licensing!

While there may be many things in terms of TV licensing that may confuse you, there is nothing much to worry about. Take a look at the following sections and you are surely going to clear all your doubts right away!

When do you need to buy TV license?

If you record or watch any television programs while they are streamed live, then you will have to buy one. This applies to Freesat, pay-TV service, or Freeview in your home. Live TV don’t just cover watching live episodes or sport programs, but is also covers all the content at the time it gets broadcasted on TV channel. This rule also applies to the programmes streamed live on the video on-demand platforms simultaneously as on television.

You will also require TV license to watch catch-up or on-demand programmes. However, you won’t be in need of a TV license if you use your TV to watch DVDs. If you are really sure that you aren’t going to record or watch live TV, ensure to inform the TV licensing through TV licence phone number.

Special cases as well as exemptions

  • Tenant and lodgers

If you live in a self-contained accommodation like a flat, then you will need to buy your own TV license. If you have rented your room as lodger, TV license for entire house must cover you unless you have any kind of exclusive access to bathroom or toilet. In such case, you can be classified to be living in separate accommodation and will need your own license.

  • Students

If you are a student, you will still need your TV license! It is very unlikely that license of your parents or held by hall of residence of yours’ will cover you.

  • Elders

You can acquire free license if your age is 75 or above. However, if you are already 74 and require renewing your license soon, you have the option to buy short term TV license up to your next birthday!

  • Changed Address

When moving your house, you can easily take your TV license along with you. You will just need to fill “Change of address form” or call the support number. If you are moving in with the one who has a license already, you can even cancel your license and get a partial refund!

Before buying a TV license, it is important to have a bit of deep understanding about it. With the above information in mind, you are surely going to make a right decision.

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