The Benefits of Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is a simple yet effective approach for businesses that are heavy users of telephones in their communication with customers. Understanding how your team are performing, and whether they are following the rules prescribed and are working towards the company goals and vision, is important in how you train and evolve as a company. Looking to improve the service you are offering to customers covers many different factors, but with call monitoring you can have a clear analysis of performance.

Identify Clear Areas of Improvement – Clearly, the most obvious advantage to unbiased call monitoring is that you can identify areas where your staff members require further training or assistance on calls. There may be certain areas that individuals are good at and others that they really need to step up their game. Call monitoring helps you to see where help is needed.

Train Accordingly – Once you know which areas of a call a staff member is struggling with you can plan accordingly for their next call training session. Feedback is vitally important to the improvement of your staff and being able to play back a call that has been recorded is an extra tool to utilise.

Set Goals – Once feedback has been given, you can then formulate specific plans for each individual member of your team, based on the analysis of the call recordings and the subsequent feedback sessions.

Track Continued Progress – Call monitoring also allows you to easily check on the progress of your staff. If they have been tasked with saying a greeting a certain amount of times within a set period, you can see how they are getting along. If issues remain persistent they can be brought up at the time, rather than waiting for a future feedback session.

Speed Up Development of Staff  – In any business you want your staff to keep learning new skills and traits that will be beneficial to not only their individual development, but will also be of use to whole departments. Call monitoring might throw up examples where entire teams aren’t following protocol exactly, allowing you to focus on multiple customer service agents at one time to improve the situation.

Promote a Culture of Learning – If call monitoring and analysis is widely known within your organisation as a proactive approach to help the company as a whole, your staff will soon understand that you have a culture of learning, personal development and a wish to see individual’s climb the ladder within the organisation.

Improve Levels of Customer Satisfaction – All of the above is geared towards one thing primarily, improving customer satisfaction levels. If your staff can improve their levels of customer service you will see an increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction over time.

If you wish to take advantage of the benefits of call monitoring within your business it is imperative that you find an unbiased company that can provide critical analysis of the calls your staff are making and receiving. We all want to improve upon the service we offer our customers and call monitoring and evaluation is an easy way to accurately see where to make improvements and improve the standards of customer service that your customers are receiving.

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