Choose Best iPhone 6/6s Armband to Carry Your iPhone While Performing Workouts

iPhone has a lot features, it also helps to track your workout stats. However, the problem is where you have to place the iPhone while exercising in the fitness centre or gym? In such cases, using iPhone 6/6s armbands will make your workouts simple and easy. There are various types of iPhone 6/6s armband cases available in the stores as per the requirement of the customer.

It is also used as an accessory by some of them while doing jogging etc. It is useful when you wear an outfit without pockets. You can opt for the armband as per your style or taste.  Armbands provide not only protection to the iPhone, but also give comfort to the wearer.

You can easily find a lot of iPhone accessories for great prices at the online stores like the Sports Direct. You can save a lot of money on your purchases with iPhone 6 armband Sports Direct deals. Some of the best used iPhone 6/6s armbands are as follows:


It is one of the best using armband case for iPhone 6/6s. The user feels comfortable after wearing it. It consists of two strips to fit the wide arms with adjusting features. So, everyone can use it without any fitting issues. It also has two protectors to wrap the screen of the iPhone 6/6s, which provides safety to the screen from physical damages.

Griffin Trainer

This model of armband case is similar to the armband used at school. It is an extended model of iPhone 5/5s armband cases. It is designed with a moisture neoprene to make the user comfortable and cool. So, it is both sweat and splash resistant. It is flexible to fix maximum of 18” biceps with a slide-ring to place perfectly.


Supcase for armband cases for iPhone 6/6s has a premium flexible case with specially designed silicon skin to provide safety to your iPhone. It consists of soft and stretchy Velcro case, which fits both large and small arms. You can separate the armband strips and wash it easily as per your convenience. It provides a great protection to your iPhone, so that you can easily access to the ports.

Super-fit plus

It makes the wearer forget about the armband and focus on the exercise with its slim and secure designing. It consists of a cash pocket, so you can carry cash in it as per the need. You can also keep your house keys, vehicle keys, etc in the pocket safely. As it is made up of neoprene, it is water and sweat resistant.

You can connect the headphones to your iPhone 6/6s easily. You can quickly access the screen while holding it on your arm with the armband.

An armband has the capacity to hold your iPhone 6/6s without any discomfort or worry. Purchasing it is not so complicated. However, you have to make sure of few things before purchasing the armband for iPhone 6/6s like checking for features like compatibility, color, adjustable strap, etc.


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