Cost Effective Eco-Friendly Commercial Climate Control

Commercial air conditioning is an absolute must these days and rather than settling for something that costs a fortune to run and has a negative impact on the environment, there are cost effective eco-friendly solutions that provide comprehensive climate control. Modern air conditioning works on the heat transfer principle, taking hot air from the outside, cooling it, then pumping it inside the building and the great thing about HVAC systems is they work both ways, giving you cost effective heating in the winter months.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)

Ideally, the HVAC system would be designed around the building, which gives you optimum performance that is both affordable and eco-friendly. Every new air conditioning installation would be meticulously planned and would be ideally suited to the area it serves. All businesses are tasked with keeping their outgoings down to an acceptable level and with a modern HVAC system in place, you can be assured of using less energy to achieve your climate control goals.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

These incorporate both an interior and exterior component, which are connected using two insulated copper refrigeration pipes. The shorter the distance between the two units, the more effective the system is, so ideally, the exterior unit would be on one side of the wall, while the interior component would be a few metres away on the inside. The piping would either be concealed within the walls or it would be encased in galvanised trunking and would be very well insulated. Once the system is in place, it can pump cool air into the building or transfer cool air from the outside to the interior, after it has been heated.

Wall Mounted Interior Units

This is the most common type of HVAC system and the ideal height would be near the ceiling, at about 2 metres. The compressor would be housed as close as possible to the interior unit and with good pipe insulation, none of the heat transfer energy is lost.

Ceiling Mounted Units

Ideal for small offices and retail outlets, the unit is suspended from the ceiling, with a small gap between the unit and ceiling. The capacity of the system would very much depend on the area to be cooled and a/c engineers would be able to determine the optimum capacity when still at the design stage.

Floor Mounted Indoor Units

Slim and unobtrusive, a floor mounted unit sits flush to the wall in much the same way as a central heating radiator would. These are ideal for retail outlets and offices and with the right placement, you would have an effective coverage of the entire interior space. Typically, this type of air conditioning would be remotely operated, with the hand held unit stored inside a small wall mounted bracket near the unit.

The modern HVAC system is silent running and very eco-friendly, using less energy than their predecessors, and with regular servicing, you can expect to receive many years of trouble-free use.

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