Few Important Applications Of Steel Tubing

Steel tubes are tough, strong and durable. They are available in round, rectangular or square cross section. Steel tubes incorporate number of alloys like aluminum, manganese, tungsten and titanium.

Steel tubing available with steel dealers can either be welded or in seamless form.

  • Seamless tubes

These are made by flowing molten steel in a piercing rod for creating hollow tubes.

  • Welded tubes

These are made by welding the few seams together.

Earlier seamless tubes used to be stronger than any welded tubes but with advanced technology welded tubes too have enough strength to replace any welded tubes for different applications.

Applications of steel tube

You can find steel tubes in many industrial as well as domestic settings.  Steel tubes are generally used in industries for their higher strength and also the ability to bear extreme pressure, temperature and destructive elements.

Moreover, in the domestic settings you can find steel tubes application in gas pipes and even in the refrigerator.

Top applications of steel tubing will include the following:

  • Construction and engineering

In the construction and various other engineering industries hollow structural sections are used. This form of the steel tubing is commonly circular, rectangular or square cross section.

Rectangular cross section steel tubes are often used in the welded steel frames that are loaded from different directions. Mostly square and circular steel tubes will be used as columns.

Metal scaffolding used in constructions are made from steel, which is industry standard and no nuts or bolts are needed, and assembly is very quick and easy. It is possible to transport steel scaffolding with ease.

  • Automobile manufacturing

Since the early nineties period, automobile industry has started using these steel tubes in very large quantities

You can find precision steel tubes in internal parts of vehicle like in fuel injection suspension and also in vehicle control systems.

  • Few other applications

There are few other applications of stainless-steel tubing in different industries.

  • Used in the aircraft hydraulic lifts, where small percentage of nickel and large amount of chromium is also added.
  • Used in different mills and factories in their production lines for making components for machines or in their manufactured products.
  • In various industrial, military, aerospace and nuclear applications too these steel tubes with highly resistant varieties are used which are made with toughest alloys to meet certain specific needs.
  • For water transportation systems for keeping the water clean.

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