Four Important Things to Keep in Mind when Making a Photography Website

Professional photographers need a website to showcase their portfolio and market their services. However, photographers need to consider some things to know what does and does not work when displaying their work online.

If you are looking to make a website for photography, you will pick from various styles and design. But, to come up with the best website, you must keep the following in mind:

Choosing Your Business Name and URL

You will need to decide on the name of your business and URL before get started with website building. You can use your full name for your business name to make your business quite personal and less generic. However, problems could arise when you stop being the main photographer customers are hiring. The best route is to pick a business name based on the type of photography you do. Although using your full name can help you win the SEO game, people tend to search for photography services based on the kind of photography they need. Whatever your decision is, your business name and URL should be of the same wording so people can easily find your portfolio.

Directing your Clients to your Portfolio

A lot of websites have a landing page which serves as the main entrance to a site. A landing page should look professional and offer clients a portal to various genres of photography the photographer might offer without navigating through everything on the site. You can have a landing page on your site if you offer both photographer and videography. Otherwise, focus on sending your clients directly to your main portfolio.

Adding Social Media Links

Sure, your actual website is your main portfolio you want people to be directed to. But, to expand your reach and get more attention, you need to be visible on a lot of social media platforms. This makes it important to add social media links to your website. This will let your followers and possible clients find your Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel.

Ensuring Easy Navigation

As you design your website, you must make the navigation bar and menus simple, easy to access and intuitive. Your website needs to look new and updated. It should not have many unnecessary texts and photos that links to various parts of the website. Otherwise, you will discourage your visitors before they even look at your work. You can expect people to stay on your website when they can explore the pages easily.

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