How To Avoid Your Travel Insurance Claims Getting Rejected?

Without question, international travel insurance is a blessing for tourists. When you travel abroad, you have no idea what kind of losses or medical care you could need along the way. Getting international travel insurance online is a convenient way to be insured before your trip.

When an emergency arises, your travel insurance helps you, and the first thing you need is a smooth claim settlement. However, the insurance company may deny your travel insurance claim in certain situations. To prevent this, read the advice below.

Buy a suitable travel insurance policy

You must purchase the appropriate travel insurance policy to cover all your trip hazards. For example, if you intend to travel to the USA, you should purchase travel insurance for the USA that is recognised by the relevant regulatory bodies. You would not get very far in the USA with a Dubai or Schengen travel insurance.

For this reason, it is usually best to purchase region-specific international travel insurance that gives you coverage in accordance with the travel laws of those particular nations.

Go through the exclusions list

A travel insurance company may provide a list of their exclusions to their customers. When you purchase online travel insurance, you can easily go through the list of exclusions. You should read the situations and cases that the insurance provider won’t cover and go through the exclusions list.

If a sports injury is on the insurer’s exclusion list and you are hurt while participating in sports, you are not eligible to file a claim under your policy. Therefore, it is best to comprehend the policy’s limitations and make claims in accordance with them.

Provide all bills

Ensure you provide your medical bills, diagnoses, and treatment records. For travel insurance medical claims, you need to submit the relevant medical bills.

The claim management staff has the complete right to reject your request for compensation if you lose the receipts. All of your bills should be recorded, and you should make extra copies so you may present them when needed.

Correct knowledge of pre-existing disease

It is always a good idea to be open about any existing medical conditions. If something is found under scrutiny, your claim can be rejected.

Report immediately

Always report your accident, illness, theft, or loss to the customer care service as soon as possible or in a timely manner (within 24 hours). In any medical emergency, you should get a written medical report; in any non-medical emergency, you should file a police report. These are the crucial records you must include in order to make a claim and avoid rejection.

Pre-Approved clinic visits

Every travel insurance provider gives their clients a list of pre-approved clinics that they can visit in an emergency. Therefore, if you need an emergency hospital stay, you should go to these facilities. If you run into any difficulties, you should also get in touch with customer service. However, your insurance claim can be denied if you are admitted to any clinics that are not mentioned.


Holidays are a time for excitement and fun, but occasionally things turn out differently than we had hoped. You may avoid mistakes by using your travel insurance. Even for you, purchasing international travel insurance online makes things simpler. In just a few clicks, you can receive the policy.

However, you should be aware that insurance companies have a limited time frame in which you need to make a claim. To avoid having your claim denied, you should go by the above recommendations.

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