Packaging Cardboard: The Different Types Of Textures And Finishes

Instead of opting for a purely visual aspect, you can create a tactile experience with bespoke packaging. Check out some common finishing options used in packaging design below.

Hot Stamping

You’re familiar with the shiny finish often seen on luxury product packaging. Customized packaging with gilding, or hot stamping, is an artistic technique of printing that consists of depositing a layer of metallic film on your packaging. This film is usually gold, silver, or copper. Hot stamping is one of the best ways to create an elegant look for your packaging. This is a printing method that requires no modification to your box construction. It is also one of the cheapest extras. Foil can be used successfully to draw your customer’s attention to details such as your brand logo or slogan.

Embellishment And Debossing

A pattern is made on a material, such as paper, metal, fabric, leather, or wood, using the artistic method of embossing. The pattern can be raised or embossed, depending on how it is embossed. You can also think of an interesting color contrast – try the combination of a black surface with silver or gold highlights.

Tip: The Stumptown brand packaging below is also an example of UV varnish – the gold logo stamped on the paper bag to the right of the box.

Paper Marbling

A high-class technique for centuries, paper marbling, has long wrapped extremely fine products. Over the past few years, brands have dreamed up original designs of this age-old concept to create unique bespoke packaging.

Pulp Paper

The pulp pattern used in the design of bespoke eco-friendly packaging is a big trend. By mimicking the imperfections of handmade leaves, you can infuse texture into your designs without the price tag that comes with using these materials in limited quantities.

Accessories And Extras To Enhance The Unboxing Experience

As discussed in our article: Unboxing: The Guide for Brands and Influencers, the more memorable your product unboxing experience is, the more likely you are to retain customers. And with acquisition costs rising, driving repeat purchases is a crucial effort in the success of your business.

Self-Sealing Tape For Custom Packaging

It is a simple tool to strengthen the protection of your package. Before sending your box like in like in Brandt Box & Paper Co for instance, all you have to do is unroll the strip and press it on the flap of your box. Your customer will tear it open when opening the box. You can also opt for custom protective liners like these pads and dividers to separate and stabilize the items inside your box.

Custom Cardboard Protective Inserts

In short, custom packaging can be a great growth lever for your brand for Extra Large Shipping Boxes. Done well, it will allow you to stand out from the competition and bring a touch of originality necessary today to attract the attention of a clientele already bombarded from everywhere.

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