Knowing the Importance of Data Destruction and E-Waste Management

Globally, we are producing tons of electronic waste every year, and in many countries, the management and recycling processes are not efficient either. In this post, we will talk about two important things – data destruction and e-waste management and why these are relevant things for your business.

  1. Because you want a better world. Electronic waste management is not a choice. With more ‘use and throw’ products, we are creating too much than we can manage. As a business owner, you need to care for the planet, because you live in it – Simple!

  1. Because you don’t want to pay the heavy fines. In many countries, including the US, there are laws related to proper e-waste management, and if you don’t follow the rules, you may have to pay a huge sum in form of fines and penalties.
  1. Because you want to protect your business data. Old computers and hard drives often contain sensitive information, which must be destroyed effectively. This is exactly where data protection services come in the picture. You can avoid the possible chances of theft, misuse and authorized access.

  1. Because you are following the protocol. Companies that deal in data destruction and related services follow varied kinds of protocols, which ensure complete protection. For example, with the Department of Defense protocol, the hard drives are wiped thrice, so you don’t have to worry data misuse ever.
  1. Because you are setting an example. Companies that take electronic waste management processes seriously are respected within the industry. You can set an example for new firms and startups that must also focus on the problem of reducing e-waste.

Finding a service

There are a few companies that deal in both data destruction and e-waste management, but selecting one can be tricky. First things first, check if the company is licensed and certified by state, federal and local governmental bodies. Secondly, you need to know if the service is genuine enough and follows the right protocols as mentioned earlier. If not, you have reasons to look for other options, because the overall charges may end up on your company, which may lead to fines and penalties. Finally, do ask for the cost, which is largely dependent on the nature and size of the job, but getting an estimate is always advisable, because you can avoid the other hidden charges.

Check online now to know more and initiate your e-waste management program now!

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