MBP solution is a company dedicated in making proper use of waste and residues by applying innovative solutions to enable them develop biological by-products for a whole range of purposes. This has made the company earn a worldwide reputation in assisting industries to utilize their by-products; they also have an excellent outsourcing service for the management of by- products and biological waste.

A Brief History of MBP Solution

In April 1999, David Magnussen and Fayrefield Foodtech Scandinavia A/S founded the Modern By Products A/S in Denmark. Tapping into an increasing demand across Europe for traceability, sustainability and animal feed security, the company focused on achieving optimal utilization of waste and residues by collecting, handling and processing them while using an open book approach that incorporated complete traceability.

The first shipload of bio liquids by MBP was on January 1, 2003. The consignment was to a Scandinavian energy customer for replacing use of heavy fuel oil. Scandinavia was promoting the establishment of oil recycling companies through national policies whose main aim was to reduce CO2 emissions at an early stage hence providing MBP with a market opportunity to exploit.

On November 2003, finally signed their first long-term deal with a market leader in the omega-3 concentration industry. This exclusive by-product distribution agreement was a great opportunity for MBP to achieve growth and development in the Outsourced Management of By Products (OMBP) approach. As a result, the company transformed to a world market leader for omega-3 concentration of by-products and fish oil fractions.

Their Global Network

MBP has increased its territory extending its market share to a number of countries in Europe and across the globe. Below are the countries you can access MBP solution services.

  • Sweden – by acquiring one of the six UCO collection companies in Sweden, Sveprol AB, which dealt with used cooking oil collection, back in October 2005 MBP, expanded its market share for district heating oil by consolidating the UCO industry in Sweden.

On October 2012, MBP then shifted their offices near Malmo where they started a specialist animal feed unit. With a team of 15 employees, the company engages in the development of animal feed application with an early growth in fish oil based products that are rich in EPA + DHA protein.

  • United Kingdom – although MBP opened its first office in England on June 2006 with only one employee, today the English office has become the company’s main administrative center in the UK. They also entered into a UK OMBP agreement with a large oleo chemical manufacturer making MBP become a major player for waste oils and residues in the UK.
  • Norway – MBP acquired a major tank storage facility and factory in Norway on August 2006 with the aim of ensuring a timely collection, delivery and maintain quality to develop new services and by-products for various industries in the country. The factory they bought was in Greaaker and it had a 6000 m3 tank storage capacity.
  • Italy – In 2009, MBP extended its base in the Italian market by setting up an office in Italy. The sole purpose was to provide the Italian production companies with by-products and acquire an understanding of the dynamics involving the Italian business scope.
  • North America – in 2011, MBP signed their first OMBP deal with a leading omega-3 concentrator in the North American region. This agreement helped MBP maintain its reputation as a world leader in the provision of omega-3 by-products.
  • United States of America – MBP was granted the necessary export and import permissions in the USA thus enabling it to establish a US office by the name, MBP Solutions USA LLC. The company currently offers their US clienteles better outsourcing solution services since their Outsourced Management of By-Products approach perfectly suits the US market.


The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. This is important since the company has to maintain high quality standards in their worldwide storage and production facilities. This clearly proves that MBP Solutions is indeed a world leader in providing quality biological by-products.

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