Must-Have Features To Look for in Your Next Apartment

Looking for an apartment that fits someone’s needs is different for every person. Some people prioritize location or the cost of monthly rent while others focus on amenities in their unit or building, but certain features go from being considered bonuses to expectations from year to year with standards constantly rising. If you’re in the market for a new apartment, look to see if the unit’s features include these trends.

Upgraded Kitchens

Gone are the days when being a renter means making serious sacrifices in the quality of your kitchen. Experienced landlords like Steven Taylor Los Angeles spent a lot of time and money modernizing their offerings and kitchens are where most of these updates are focused.

Look for granite or other stone countertops, as well as high-end appliances like full-sized refrigerators and stoves with stainless finishes. Also look for add-ons like islands, which can generously increase your cooking workspace as well as provide an option for seated dining.

High-Tech Fitness Facilities

Todays’ apartment gyms should be just a mismatched rack of free weights and a treadmill from the 1980s. With the growing integration of smart technology, be on the lookout for equipment like Peloton bike. Modern fitness facilities should also include amenities like saunas and meditation spaces to support tenants’ health and wellness pursuits. Having spaces dedicated to specific types of exercise rather than one-size-fits-all spaces is another sign of a building that understands today’s trends.

In addition to fitness facilities, some buildings may even offer discounts for healthy meal plans and delivery services to their residents.

Outdoor Spaces

No one wants to feel trapped in their apartments. When looking through a property manager’s portfolio, like the one belonging to Steven Taylor LA, check to see if there are shared or private outdoor spaces accessible to you as a tenant.

These spaces could be pools, dog runs, or even green spaces filled with hammocks to be used by residents looking to relax outside the walls of their own unit. If your unit comes with an outdoor space of its own, like a patio or balcony, check to make sure it’s in good repair and appears well-maintained before signing a lease.

If you’re still in the rental market, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Take time to research what kinds of modern upgraded amenities are available at buildings in your area, while also understanding which are most important to you.

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