The Emerging Franchisor and Direct Response Marketing

What is Franchise Development? Franchise development is the procedure by which a franchise organization develops and implements an appropriate business strategy and plan focused on: (I) Developing, marketing, selling, and/or registering an FDD, or Franchise Disclosure Document. Developing, maintaining, and applying the legal framework for selling franchises. The purpose of this document is to protect the rights of the franchisee and to ensure the future success of the franchise.

A Raintree Franchise Sales Team is a group of people employed by a franchiser to assist in the development of a specific franchise idea. The development team will work closely with the franchisee until the business idea and related franchisee attractions are developed into a successful franchise.

Most often, the developer will consist of both experienced individuals from the franchiser’s business operation as well as highly skilled sales and marketing professionals who are recruited from the best companies in their field. In the United States, some of the largest franchise companies fall under this category. These are just a few of the well-known names under the Franchise Development group.

While these names sound like the best, they are not the only companies that employ the franchise development strategies that create successful businesses. While many companies believe that it is best to recruit experienced individuals from a specific industry to head up their development departments, it is also possible to find talented people in the midst of a career, or even from a different career, looking for opportunities outside their existing job. When this happens, the team building techniques used by the company to recruit the right people for their franchise system can become very effective.

By utilizing a combination of innovative ideas and direct response marketing methods, the emerging franchisors are able to attract the right people to their franchise system. This often makes it much easier for a franchisee to join and get started, which in turn helps to accelerate their success rate and allows them to achieve results that are far more meaningful than if they were trying to promote their own business.

Many of the emerging franchisors use aggressive marketing methods such as television advertising, online advertising, brochures, direct mail, and even celebrity endorsements in order to draw in franchisees. These methods help to grow the brand name, image, and customer base of the company quickly and at a higher level than a smaller company could.

While a great majority of the emerging franchisors will focus on sales and marketing, they also understand that it is important to provide a quality customer service experience as well. They realize that the franchisees will be relying on their ability to respond to the needs of the customers that they have recruited into the system.

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