Why Should You Avoid Fancy Number Plate for Your Car

Purchasing your dream car will be a celebratory event in your life. You must have planned for getting it for many years and finally achieved it. On the arrival of the brand new car, the next immediate desire will be to personalize it based on your interests. As a result, attractive interior and exterior accessories and features are fitted. However, such fancy attractions should not be extremely overwhelming, and especially, they should not extend to your number plate. You may not know why you should avoid a fancy number plate. Read on to find out why.

Why is a fancy number plate not advised?

The number plate is the most important aspect of identification in your car. Therefore, it has to be clear and well defined. It is not advisable to change the regular and standard number plate design concept and change it according to your will. It can lead to different types of issues such as the following:

  1. It might be possible that your car gets damaged due to a natural calamity or a riot. In order to claim the motor insurance you had purchased, you need to submit certain evidence to the insurer. You can produce photographs and a video to ensure the claim on insurance for the car gets accepted.

If the number on the car number plate is not clearly visible, the claim has a high chance of getting rejected. When you buy car insurance, the insurer will verify your car and the features for its applicability. It is also ensured during the car renewal insurance process.

  1. If your car gets stolen, you will register a complaint with the police. A standard number plate with proper font and colour will help recognize it when searching for the car. You should not be responsible for a situation where the police have found the car but couldn’t recognize that it is yours!
  2. If your area is prone to illegal activities and vandalism, it might be possible that police get a suspicion on you due to fancy car number plate design. A different number plate design can force the police to think that you have used a fancy number plate to escape quick identification.

Moreover, a standard number plate design common for all cars is prescribed under the law throughout the country as it will help authorities manage issues concerning vehicles in a coordinated manner.

How can you get penalized for using a fancy number plate?

As per Section 51 and 177 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, you will be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 1000 when you are caught with a fancy number plate on your car. The penalty can vary in different parts of the country based on the RTO regulations. If you get involved in an argument regarding this issue with a higher official, they might suspend your driving licence. It might cause an issue while applying for an insurance claim during the suspended period.

Car insurance is certainly important considering the security aspects of your car. TATA AIG insurance claim settlement ratio is one of the highest on a comparative scale.

Guidelines for car number plate design

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 in India, you need to adhere to a set of guidelines.

  1. The registration letters and the numbers should be printed in black. The background colour should be white for two-wheelers and light motor vehicles such as passenger cars and yellow for commercial vehicles and rental cabs. Cars having a temporary registration number should have red letters in the yellow background.
  2. Ensure to place the number plate on the front and the rear side of the vehicles. Names, pictures, stickers and other fancy fonts or colouring are not permitted.
  3. As per the set rules, you should make sure the letters are printed in English and the number in Arabic numerals.
  4. The registration number should have two lines. The state code and the registering authority code will be on the first line and the unique identification number on the second line.
  5. The size of the number plates should be 200 x 100 mm for the two-wheelers, and for light motor vehicles and commercial vehicles, it should be 340 x 200 mm.
  6. The font dimensions are as follows:
    1. For vehicles with less than 70cc engine capacity, the height is 15 mm, the thickness is 2.5 mm, and the space between the characters is 2.5 mm.
    2. For all other vehicles, the height is 65 mm, the thickness is 10 mm, and the space between the characters is 10 mm.


Purchasing a brand new car can be a long-cherished dream for you. Personalizing it is a much more awaited desire, and a fancy number plate can be first on the list. However, it is not an advisable practice. It can lead to several issues and can be a big handicap when the number plate is the only method for car identification. Therefore, as discussed, it will be the best evidence to avail of car insurance in case of riot damage.

Fancy number plates are also against the law and cause a huge penalty when caught by the police. Therefore, understand the car number plate rules and ensure to follow them for your safety and abide by the regulations as a good citizen!

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