Here’s How Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan Works

As we work hard and conquer new barriers in our careers, we are presented with several opportunities to move up the ladder. Advancing in your career can be quite a big stepping stone for you. It can help you achieve all that you want. However, you are also handed a ton of responsibility with the benefits. Certain times, these responsibilities may involve travelling for work as well. While travelling for work can be quite an experience, you must take the proper precautions to stay protected on these trips.

Out of the different methods available for protection, opting for a travel insurance plan is one of the best choices. Travel insurance policies are insurance products that offer assistance on your trip. With a suitable travel insurance plan, you are protected from several emergencies.

You can also get refunds in the event of trip cancellation. Therefore, getting travel insurance can be quite helpful. Moreover,  most insurers like Tata AIG also offer calculators on their websites to help customers purchase travel insurance online.

While getting travel insurance is easy, what if you have to travel numerous times in a single year? Purchasing a single-trip travel insurance plan every time you travel can be quite cumbersome. Therefore, you can opt for a multi-trip travel insurance plan for such situations.

What is Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

A multi-trip travel insurance plan or the ‘annual travel insurance plan’ is a type of travel insurance plan designed for individuals taking several foreign trips in a single year. These insurance plans offer several unique advantages that other plans offer. Along with this, they are also valid for a longer tenure compared to normal travel insurance plans. You can adjust the policy as per your needs and save a lot of costs and time.

How Does a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Work?

Many individuals like corporate employees, business owners, or those working in multinational companies usually have to travel back and forth to different locations. These travels to different countries are usually for conferences, meetings, seminars, launches, etc. Travelling regularly can be tiring; it can also lead to issues like medical emergencies, baggage loss, etc., in a different country.

Therefore, most individuals prefer opting for a travel insurance plan for their trip. However, purchasing a policy before every trip can be strenuous for individuals. For such situations getting multi-trip travel insurance will be a better option.

With a multi-trip travel insurance plan, you will get travel insurance for a specific tenure. Usually, the tenure for multi-trip travel insurance is one year. Therefore, you will be covered for all the trips you plan to take until the traveller insurance plan reaches its maturity. Once the travel insurance plan reaches maturity, your insurance coverage will end, and you won’t get any coverage for the trips.

Therefore, you must check your multi-trip travel insurance policy’s maturity date before going on your trip. You must also have a clear understanding of the insurance coverage offered by the policy, so you are better prepared for any emergencies that you may face. If you’re a frequent flyer, opting for a multi-trip travel insurance plan can be quite beneficial.

Benefits of Travel Insurance for Multiple Trips

  1. Renewal process: If you’re travelling quite frequently, you will have very little time for taking care of different issues. Therefore, comparing and getting a suitable policy at the time of travel can be quite a hassle. However, with a multi-trip travel insurance plan, you will be covered for an entire year from the time of purchase of the policy. Therefore, you do not have to worry about buying a policy for every trip during the one year tenure.
  2. All-round coverage: In medical emergencies, your insurance company will take care of everything from hospitalisation expenses to evacuation if you have to be transported back to India. Likewise, if you pass away in a foreign land, the insurance plan will cover the repatriation costs.
  3. Free look period: With multi-trip travel insurance plans, you get the feature of ‘free-look’ for the first 15 days after you have paid the premium amount. You have the freedom to review the policy and cancel it during this tenure. Your insurer will refund the amount if you cancel the plan.
  4. Flight delay/cancellation: A tight schedule can be destroyed if the delayed flights are not in your control. However, your annual travel insurance plan will help you with these situations. In addition, the policy will help you take care of any additional expenses that you may have faced.
  5. Personal liability: Your multi-trip travel plan will also help you cover the costs associated with any damages you have caused to any third-party individual or third-party property.
  6. Dental expenses: Dealing with dental issues on your trip can be quite frustrating. Along with this, if you’re in a different country, getting the correct medical assistance can also be quite expensive. However, when you own a suitable multi-trip plan, your policy’s coverage will help you take care of the medical bills.
  7. Grace period: Most insurers offer a grace period of approximately 30 days to help customers renew their plan if they have missed out on the policy premium payment. This way, you can ensure your multi-trip travel insurance plan stays active, and you get the appropriate coverage for your trip.


Multi-trip travel insurance plans offer you travel insurance coverage for a specified tenure, mostly a year from the date of purchase. So if you’re travelling during the policy’s tenure, you will get the travel insurance coverage you need for dealing with emergencies. However, you must ensure you keep up with the premium payments to benefit from the policy when facing emergencies during your trips.

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