Why Your Powder Coating Shop Needs A Powder Coating Oven

A lot of powder coating shops skip the crucial step of oven curing your powder coated parts. Powder coating ovens are not very common and most people assume they can save some money by skipping this step, but you might want to rethink that:

1) The lifespan of your parts will be greatly reduced if you do not cure them in the oven.

2) Your powder coating shop needs a powder coating oven to meet OSHA and EPA regulations as well as your own quality control standards. The safest method is to cure the parts in an oven, which will also ensure that you grant your customers their warranty.

3) Powder coating ovens are not very expensive and make a lot more sense for your business now that you know the advantages.

4) It is easy to integrate powder coating ovens in your production line, which means it is easy to start using one even if you already have a powder coating system installed at your shop.

5) Once you use a powder coating oven regularly, people will be lining up outside your door. Everybody wants to use a company that provides oven-cured powder coating, so get your oven and start enjoying these benefits yourself if you haven’t already!

6) Once you start using an oven, you will convince your customers that oven curing is necessary and they will be grateful for it.

7) Your powder coating oven can also be used to cure other materials than powder coatings.

8) Powder coating ovens are not expensive to run – in fact, most of the energy produced goes to heat your structure or even the rest of your business if you decided to run it at night with lower overhead.

9) Powder coating ovens are easy to operate and they are also easy to maintain.

10) The ease of installing a powder coating system means that many more people are now offering this service, producing an increased demand for high-quality oven-cured powder coating.

11) Powder coating ovens are safe to operate – just make sure that they are installed where flammable material cannot be close to them, which is normal safety advice anyway.

12) Your staff will love working with a powder coating oven because it makes their job much easier and faster – everybody wants to work in a company that keeps its employees happy and satisfied, don’t they?

13) Powder coating ovens come with safety features that mean you cannot even start them without proper personal protective equipment (PPE). This means that your staff will be safer while operating these ovens too.

14) All the money you save by not purchasing oven-cured powder coatings can be spent on buying more ovens.

15) Powder coating ovens are connected to all of your existing equipment, so it will be easy to integrate them in your production line if you want to.

16) You can actually get a bigger return on investment when using an oven rather than curing the powder in a forced-air heat cabinet because you can do more jobs per hour and thus earn more money.

If you’re looking for a powder coating oven manufacturer, make sure to do your research and speak to an expert about the best option for you and your powder coating shop.

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