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Why Email Newsletters Need to Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Email remains one of the most effective ways of marketing on the internet. Even in the age of social media, emails gain some of the highest return of investment out of all business to business marketing strategies. Effective email marketing strategy can provide a serious boost to any business and should be taken seriously. Email newsletters are one form of email marketing that should be considered. Here, we go over what an email newsletter is and why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

What is an email newsletter?

An email newsletter is a periodic marketing tool that describes everything that is new for that period in your company. This could mean new products or services, or updates and deals. They come in a variety of designs and forms, with some weekly and some monthly newsletters. They are designed to offer engaging content that keeps the reader on your website for longer and visiting multiple different pages. For more information on email newsletter design, click here:

Why does my business need an email newsletter?

-Distinguish your brand

The email newsletter of your business is the best opportunity to show potential clients what your brand is all about and why you’re different from others. You have complete control other the aesthetic and the content of your newsletter, so tailor it to exactly what you want to show to your clientele. If people resonate with your brand, they are much more likely to continue using or buying the product or service your offer and are less likely to switch to a competitor.

-Drive website traffic

Newsletter content should be crafted so that enough content is present for the reader to wish to continue, but not enough is present so that they don’t click on the link to continue to your website. Driving website traffic is crucial to your business’ success and everything on your newsletter should be made with this in mind.

-Entice customers

An email newsletter is the best way of offering deals to customers. Existing customers can be tempted to purchase again if they see exclusive deals listed in the newsletter. This can also be tailored to new customers, making them sign up for a big offer or pushing customers interested in the brand towards their first purchase.

-Increase sales

Promotional emails do work. Numerous studies have shown that a significant number of email recipients make purchases based upon a promotional email. Creating and maintaining an email newsletter will help increase your sales.

Now you know why your business needs an email newsletter as part of its marketing strategy, start thinking about your design and content that will go within. An effective email newsletter is a great way of promoting your business and driving sales.

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